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Endurance Races, and Events


Use the list below to browse endurance and ultra endurance races, and other endurance related events. Get inspired. Train hard. And have fun.


Links to comprehensive lists of endurance race events


Active.com  -  Road and trail cycling and running races, including triathlons, xterras, and duathlons. Updated often


USA Cycling  - USA National organization of cycling - large list of road and mountain races of all disciplines – Updated often




100 Mile Mountain Bike and Running Off Road Race Series


NUE 100 Mile Race Series – These races are the most well supported, organized and competitive 100 mile off road cycling races in the country. There are currently 11 races staged in 11 different states across the country. These races sell out fast and are highly recommended if you are looking for a one day ultra distance cycling race.


Leadville 100 Race Series  - Started with the Leadville Trail 100 with just 45 runners in 1983, the Colorado Leadville Race Series now stretches across three months, and hosts thousands of racers on foot and in the saddle.




ULTRA endurance, self supported race events


Colorado Trail Race  - 470 miles and 65,000′ of elevation gain winding through the Colorado Rocky Mountains from Denver to Durango. Approximately 300+ miles of single-track at elevations ranging from 5500′ to a gasping-for-breath 13,200′


Arizona Trail Race  -  The Arizona Trail Race is an unofficial challenge that takes place every spring on the cross state Arizona Trail. Two distances are available. The Arizona Trail 300 is a 300 mile event that has been held every April since 2006. The Arizona Trail Race is the complete traversal (Mexico->Utah over 750+ miles) and was offered for the first time in 2010


Tour Divide  -  Tour Divide is a ultra-cycling challenge to pedal solo and self-supported the length of Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Banff, AB Canada, to Antelope Wells, NM USA – 2745 miles/ 4418 Km


Trans Iowa – Race across Iowa on dirt roads and double-track – About 330 miles self supported in April


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